Getting Started with Slang


The fastest way to get started using Slang is to use a pre-built binary package, available through GitHub releases. Binary packages are currently available for:

  • Windows 32-bit x86
  • Windows 64-bit x86-64
  • Ubuntu Linux 64-bit x86-64

Binary releases include the command-line compiler slangc, a shared library for the compiler, and the header files necessary for interacting with that library.

Building from Source

Instructions for building Slang from source code are maintained as part of the source code repository, here.


The documentation for the Slang project is currently limited, but includes the following main pieces:

  • A language guide to introduce the language features for developers already familiar with HLSL.

  • A guide to the slangc command-line tool and its options. However, it should be noted that the command-line tool is intended for simple use cases, and complicated applications are advised to adopt API-based compilation if possible.

  • An API guide to give information on how Slang compilation and reflection can be integrated into an application.

  • Guides on feature compatibility across different compilation targets, including in-depth information on the conventions used by the CPU and CUDA targets.